Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I don’t believe in feng shui. Can you just help me declutter?
  • Of course! There is no obligation to apply feng shui principles.

  • Do I need to do the one-hour consultation before starting the 4-hour decluttering process?
  • The one-hour consultation is for those who want to tidy and declutter on their own. If you
    want to do one or more decluttering sessions with me it already includes the consultation.

  • How do I prepare for a decluttering session?
  • You will need bags/boxes for items to be discarded.

  • I will be moving/relocating soon. Can you help me sort out and pack my possessions?
  • Of course! Be prepared with bags/boxes for packing as well as for discarding items.

  • What do I do with the items that I will no longer keep?
  • Items that can be reused can be brought to your neighborhood Eco Centro,
    Caritas, Croce Rossa, or other charities.

  • My office/work environment needs decluttering. Can you help?
  • Yes, instead of coming to your home I will come to your office.

  • Can I tidy the belongings of other family members?
  • It is better if they are present in order to decide for themselves what to keep and what to