She helped me stay calm
After my first experience with Sarina, I hired her a second time. She is a natural organizer. Eliminating clutter and organizing creates a lot of anxiety for me, but Sarina provided the support and structure I needed to keep calm and stay confident about my decisions. She is frank in her assessment, but does not insist on a particular outcome if you are not comfortable with it. I am very pleased with the results of Sarina`s work and I absolutely could not have done it without her!
Dr. Wanda KrallMedical writer
Waiting for the birth of our daughter
Waiting for the birth of our daughter, and having only a one-bedroom apartment, we decided to make adjustments to our living spaces. With the help of Sarina, and with her advice and experience, everything was easier and more liberating!
I have transformed my closet
Sarina helped me transform my closet. I’m happy because it transmits so much energy and reflects on the right places.
SaraOrdine creates a positive working environment
SaraOrdine helps create a working environment which clarifies thinking. Thank you so much Sarina.
Thank you Sarina for decluttering my home
SaraOrdine helped me to create a home with space for creativity.
Sarina has contributed magnificently...
Sarina made a great contribution to the layout of my new apartment. With her advice I was able to harmonize the furnishings and the lighting to my preferences, resulting in a cozy and comfortable home. Thank you ❤.
Pilates Studio
Sarina has been able to transform my Pilates Studio, to make it more welcoming and harmonious. She has given me useful and effective advice, in accordance with my tastes, all due to her studies in Feng Shui and Human Design. My students also noticed the change she made and have expressed appreciation for them. My image and also my business have gained from this transformation. A big thank you!
I transformed my closet
With the help of Sarina I have tidied up my closet, disposed of unwanted clothes and rearranged the shelves. It was a job that requires commitment. Thanks to her help I’m beginning to understand how harmony in the house helps us to live more peacefully. Thank you very much.